Serafino 2 Double-Wall Thermo Glasses Review

It’s Good Friday! I hope everyone is having a great one!

ozeri2As usual I am sitting in my dining room blogging and watching series in netflix in between while drinking soda and munching popcorn. Sounds like I am sitting in a couch doing series marathon, how I wish but I have lots to do aside from what I’ve mentioned. So I have to finish blogging then head on to the next chores!

 Anyway, I just wanna share show off my new nice looking Serafino 2 Double-Wall Thermo Glasses that I got from Ozeri.  It’s a double-thermo glasses that can be used for both cold and hot beverages. I love it so much for aside from I can use it for both with my favorite drinks – coffee and soda, it’s also shatter resistant and has double-wall designs!  Yeah double-wall not just for insulation but also to avoid condensation. I used to bring snack for my husband in his home office and I am always worried  about getting his office stuff wet, thanks to these thermo glasses, that is one less of my worries now. And one more thing I love about it is that, It can keep your hands cool when I drink coffee with it! I really love this product!

These products are both available from AMAZON and SEARS. Don’t worry about the price coz it’s very affordable.


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