Sesame Street Shirts for Birthday Party

Another party is coning this weekend. No not the party like we used to do every weekend, this one is different. It’s a baby’s first birthday party themed with Sesame Street characters. All invited guests are ask to wear Sesame Street Shirts except Elmo! Now I am looking for a Sesame Street shirts.  I am also thinking of making a custom t-shirts with this kind of theme.  A friend gave me an Iron on Shirt stickers but I have to do a lay out first for the design, print it then iron it on shirt. That’s a long process and I don’t think I could do that coz we don’t have a printer at home. We can actually have it printed outside but that dependes with husband if he can able to do that after work. I guess, we should just try to look for sesame street shirts at walmart. We consider ordering online but the party is on Saturday already and I am sure it’s not gonna arrived before the party. I hope we could see a shirts for four of us! I love matching shirts so I am so willing to buy those shirts! I am planning to buy different characters for us, Big bird, Cookie Monster, Earnie and Bert. I just dunno where to buy a good one. Well anyway, any brand will do actually as long as it is sesame street characters.

Look at us in the picture wearing Miami shirts from a friend! Its cool right?


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