Shopping for Kids

Last Saturday before we headed to a friend’s house to watch Pacquiao-Mosley fight via payperview, we went to North West AR Mall to look for a pacman shirt in Nike but there was none. We tried looking to other stores unfortunately they don’t even have Nike brands so hubby end up buying me some clothes as a mother’s day gift 🙂

Kids got their own new clothes too, we went to GAP, some man, I think he’s a manager or what in the store, he gave me a card and said “your the lucky mommy, this is for you” and I got a small card from his hand. I took a loot at it and I was surprised I got 30% off coupon and valid for shopping till it expire so we shopped there. Ishi got her shorts and Daddy got Ethan a shirt with “Daddy is No. 1” print lol. So when the cashier took all we’ve got and swiped it in barcode scanners, husband were so happy to see his bill. Thanks for the GAP giving me a mother’s day gift! 🙂




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