Shopping Online


Big and Tall NoHassle Long-Sleeve Dress Shirt image

Window shopping and shopping online are two of my addictions. I just
love to look at items on sale and if tempted, buy them! I don’t wanna
get myself addicted to shopping but when you are always in front of the
computer and you think you have money to use for shopping, you just
can’t control yourself. Especially when you are buying not for yourself
but for your loved ones! I have been ordering online ever since I
started earning money and I love all the stuff I ordered online. All
were satisfying except from my last orders. I tried ordering clothes for
my kids without knowing if the sizes will be correct. I am hoping that
the sizes I chose were right and same as the normal sizes that they are
accustomed to. I can’t wait to see them, because I am unable to tell if
what I purchased is really worth the money. I’ve been browsing online
(again) and I saw a bunch of different stuff and great finds but not for
the kids this time. I am thinking of purchasing some for me and my
husband. I saw affordable items yesterday. But, I was just thinking
about it first, since I am not sure of our sizes. Asians are smaller in
stature, so big and tall clothing  doesn’t fit us. I figure if I try
online shopping once and it works out, then I will definitely do it more
in the future. I have to try once so I can check the sizes. I think I

have to purchase of their long sleeves first and compare it to my
husband’s clothes. You really never know if the sizes will be the same
as what you are used to, but it doesn’t hurt to try!



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