Sin City

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

When most people think of Las Vegas, they don’t think of home. For my husband and I, we do. It is home to us. We have always lived here. Both of us were born and raised here, and our parents all live here too. We just bought our first home (we were renters for over ten years) and decided to get a security system installed. We live in a somewhat safe neighborhood, but it is older. We just want to be cautious and proactive with our new investment, and decided a way to do that was to get a security system installed. We have never been “security system people” before, but then again, we have never been “homeowners” either. My husband did a Las vegas security systems search on our computer, and we found one we liked. I know most people would never want to live in Sin City, but we would not want to live anywhere else. Makes for good dinner conversation with friends when we get together and talk about some of the things we see around town!

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