Single Dad

I was out of town for 4 days, 4 nights last week coz I have to attend New Agent’s Seminar/Training in Kansas.  My husband was all alone taking care of the kids for those days and I would like to congratulate him for a good job done!

He was able to survive by waking up early in the morning, prepare his self for work and feed the kids before bringing them to the day care. After his work, he’s picking up the kids and eat dinner somewhere so that he don’t need to cook and wash dishes at home coz he still needs to bathe the kids and read them books before they finally sleep.

At first 2 nights, Ethan was so lonely and missing me so much but then the daddy manage to keep him busy and sleep tight at night. I missed them for 4 nights and it’s my first time to be away from them and its kinda lonely but then we all survived!

I am so proud of the daddy for being a very responsible SINGLE DAD for 4 days!

Here are their pictures taken in the morning and in the evening when I was not around…


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