Storm Shelters

Last night a TORNADO alert has been announced again and they said it will be worst than last Sunday. I was so scared, thank God a good friend offered us their house even for a night while the storm strikes. I immediately said yes because we will be safer there than staying in our apartment. We are in the 2nd level and they said it is more dangerous to stay in that kind of house. I was trying to look for a shelter for some people said there should be a shelter for people when they are in need of safer places during storms and tornadoes but I can’t find any centers  in the net other than drug rehabilitation centers, . I don’t know If I still need to look for it or just stay in our friend’s house. I am not afraid for myself but for my kids, they are so little to experience this kind of disasters. May God keep us safe all the time, He’s the only one I can turn to when I am so afraid.

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