TGIS it’s Family Time

Time is flying so fast ever since I started working as a Teacher. It’s like only yesterday when I started and now it’s almost three months without noticing it! It’s always a good thing when you love what you’re doing right? You are earning money and at the same time, you are enjoying everyday of it. But even if I love my job so much and enjoys being a working mom, I still wanted more spare time to spend for my family. Good thing we don’t have work during  Saturday and Sunday so at least, there’s two days for us to have some bonding time.

Thank God it’s Saturday! It’s time to be with my kids and my husband. We are planning to go to an arcade again and play with the kids but we decided to just stay at home today and play with our PS3 since we are going to attend a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese tomorrow anyway.

Playing in an arcade was so much fun for my kids and the daddy, they love playing different games such as driving, video games, and more while me loves to play bingo, wheel of fortune and deal or no deal! Sometimes this kind of game is addicting because it’s so much fun. But if you know how to control yourself like I do, there’s gonna be no problem. Try it if you haven’t tried yet coz it’s really an entertaining game.

Anyway, my kids are still having fun playing with our PS3 while I am about to finish writing this post. Hopefully they will get tired soon and sleep early for tomorrow’s party.

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