The Attraction of Mario and Luigi

For those who have lived in the 80s, you all know that Mario and Luigi are not actors or models but rather two bumbling plumbers in the game called Mario Brothers.


When computer game consoles hit the scene, this game was perhaps the most popular and most memorable game. While there were other games, the Mario brothers became such a hit. Do you know why? Well, this was one computer game that got the entire family hooked. From young kids to even grandparents—this game knew no age boundaries as long as they knew how to navigate.


Now, these cute guys in blue jumpsuits have of course leveled up to become an online game. You can opt to play Mario games or Luigi games as long as you are connected to the net and have a flash player.


While there are so many games out there already that you can play online or download in your computer, probably numbering in the millions, people will never forget the Super Mario games because they have dominated the scene for more than a decade.


Therefore, for old times’ sake, it’s great to know that members of the old school can still play Super Mario online.

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