The Best Dad in the World

father's dayIt’s been ten years and I still have this vivid memory of his reaction when I told him I was pregnant. I just graduated from college and pursuing the very first year of  my career while him still finishing his degree. That moment, I knew he will be a good father. He was terrified, yes, and the first thing that came out of his mouth while holding my belly was “what kind of life will I give this baby”.  He was worried but I can see the excitement and happiness in his eyes at the same time. He’s not sure what can be the answer to his own question but deep in my heart, I already know the answer and our kids are living it now.DSC_0493

For him, the life he is now giving us is not enough, little did he know, it was the best one I’ve ever seen since my dad died. My kids are lucky to have him as their dad and I am truly blessed for that. I’m thankful that they have someone to call DAD. Someone to look up to, someone that taught them how to ride a bike, fix their toys when it’s broken, play ball games with, give them piggy back ride or ride in his shoulders, someone to play ‘tickle war’ with, blowing raspberries in their bellies, play computer games, teaches them Math and all other stuff  that no matter how many times I did it to them, it’s always different and super special when done by  their Daddy.

Daddies always have special place to a kid’s heart. I salute my husband for  using that provilege, for giving our kids the best in life, not just material things but good lessons in life that they can use as good foundation towards their better future.

To my husband…HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Daddy and may you live long and healthy enough for more adventure to share with our kids and future grand kids.

Cheers!!! We love you so much!


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