The Work of a Courtroom Reporter

I think more than half of the world tuned in when Casey Anthony was being tried for the murder of her own daughter Caylee. Everybody from the four corners of the earth watched as the verdict was read and the former was found “not guilty”.

Watching the numerous and different TV coverage made me realize just how tough the job of courtroom reporters can be. As it is, a reporter’s job is not easy. They constantly need to be on their toes and ready to go where the action is. Then they would have to go back to their news room and right their story. But with court reporters, it’s not enough that they can deliver the news of what’s happening inside the courtroom blow by blow to give viewers a bird’s eye-view of the developments inside. They have to deliver depositions, verdicts, arguments and deliberations with accuracy, speed, professionalism and advanced technological support.

TV networks can’t have just someone from their newsroom to go to a hearing and report what’s happening. They have to make sure that a qualified Court Reporting professional who understands court terminologies and procedures is the one feeding the news report to their anchors for airing on national TV. That way they have the guarantee that the news being delivered is reliable, credible and accurate.

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