Tornado Alert

Yesterday about 7:30 in the evening, we went to wallmart to buy some stocks in the kitchen. We were almost finished at around 830 PM when one of the staff approached us and asked us to go to the middle hall of the mall with the rest of the costumers and even the staff due to a tornado alert until 9pm. Everyone was there with their carts, some were sitting on the floors, kids are so innocent playing with other kids. That time we were already hungry coz the truth was, we were there to buy our dinner so we haven’t eaten any dinner yet. Good thing was that, Wallmart was so thoughtful and very sensitive to their costumers needs and they gave out some water and biscuits to all. Just perfect! After  few minutes, they announced again that we will be staying for another 30 minutes so we patiently waited in there while kids were playing with other kids. Husband and I were looking around while were stack there and we saw this ATV Accessories department hat is first time to my sight. When we got tired we sat on the floor and ate some biscuits too until  finally they announced that we can go home and proceed to what we are doing. We’re supposed to look for another item but I said it’s better to go home already since the weather is not so good. We went home safely but tornado alerts keep on coming so even at home, we still have to look out and go in safe place.


ATV Accessories

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