Tornado Watch Scared Me

I was so paranoid lately after what happened in JAPAN last month, reading news about what’s happening in different parts of the world really scared me. I am just acting normal, I don’t want to be so paranoid so I just keep on praying and doing something good to our mother earth just to calm me down.

Last night, it was a stormy weather, there were thunderstorms, raindrops and strong winds. I am afraid of thunderstorms and lightnings ever since but that doesn’t scared me last night, it was the forecast about tornado watch till 3am. I am afraid not for myself but ofcourse for my kids. I can’t sleep last night, I was keeping my ears opened listening to the wind changes. I am making sure I am awake if ever there’s a tornado coming. After few hours in our bedroom, I stood up and moved to the kids bedroom to accompany my kids there. I wanna make sure I was in their side to keep them safe if ever. I also saw husband checking on us during the dawn. It’s my first time to become so scared, Typhoon Ondoy was scary but not as scary as how I felt last night. Thank God were safe.

I know that there’s no such thing as safe place, I know that everywhere has danger. My only┬ástrength is HIM, my faith in Him is keeping my family safe all the time. May He continue to bless and keep us safe.

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