TREC Center for Gifted and Talented Education

I got an email last month informing me about our son meeting the screening criteria indicating a need for further testing for the Gifted and Talented Program of Bentonville Public Schools (called TREC). I have no idea what is this all about. I forwarded the email to my husband and even called the facility to confirm if they really sent us the email. Yeah, that’s right I thought it’s just some spam mail so the person that I’ve talked to explain it further to me and I couldn’t be more proud just knowing he has met the criteria and could be in this program. Our kids never fail to amaze us, they are truly our precious gem.

Today we got a new mail for us to fill up and submit. My husband and I were very proud and super excited for him. We wanted the best for our kids and having this kind of opportunity is such a blessing.


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