Vacuum Cleaner Hunting

When we arrived here, we can’t even buy a vacuum yet for there are lots of expenses, so a friend let us borrowed theirs since they seldom used it. Since it was just borrowed, we also have to return it back t=next week that’s why we need to buy a new one! We did a vacuum hunting last Saturday at Walmart, I asked husband to buy the same vacuum as our friend lent us but he didn’t buy it yet. He said he wants a vacuum that I can be comfortable to use with (feeling sweet and thoughtful,lol), like, he wants a lighter vacuum and is easier to use as  ‘do it yourself’ carpet cleaner.  I know there are lots of experts for this job and I have read lots of good and positive feedback like in what we see review online. but sometimes we still have to save the money for the labor and do it yourself sometimes. But when you’re busy ofcourse we can let this job to an expert like in shop.But for now, we really need to buy a vacuum for daily cleaning purposes of the house. I don’t know when but husband is still looking online and even watching the reviews, lol. I didn’t expect hubby will be more OC’er than me when it comes to buying an appliances!

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