Visit “Kitchen Explorers”

Did I mention already I have plenty of new blogs after this NEW HOME SWEET HOME? This one is exclusively for my family who just moved here in America. New place, new home, new environment and new routines. One of the things I’m loving to do here is cooking so I created a new blog for my new endeavor and I named it “KITCHEN EXPLORERS”. Those explorers were me, my husband and my little angels. My husband and I just learned to love cooking recently and we were exploring our new kitchen. My kids love to join us in the kitchen too so I thought of giving them some activities that is easier and not so harmful. Not so harmful like away from the utility knife and hot stoves. Husband and I already started cooking some new to us and my angels started to bake already so you might wanna visit our food blog and  join us explore our new kitchen.

You might wanna visit my other new Blogs too:  Mamee and Me Fashion and The Wonderlusts.


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