Visit @ the IRS

Husband worked half day today, he came home early and joined us lunch before we headed to Internal Revenue Service Office. It’s time to apply the kids their ITIN!

Dad came home around 12:30, I forgot to ready the kids, LOL. So when he arrived I immediately served our lunch, dressed the kids and grab my jogging pants and jacket. My husband was like, ‘Mommy we’re not going to the park we’re going to the Government Office and you’re gonna wear a shirt and jogging pants?”. Oh, I never thought of wearing any other clothes than pants and shirt since it’s cold and I will surely wear my jacket the whole time. Funny coz I am forgetting to wear proper dresses already. My clothes right now is for tropical country only, I can’t go out without bringing a jacket. I guess I really need to go shopping like different special occasion dresses or more spring clothes.

When we arrived at the IRS, we waited for like 15 minutes, kids are observing the surroundings, they wanna run around but we told them they can’t do that here then finally the IRS staff called us . She interviewed us first then asked for different forms which husband didn’t bring, lol. So instead of going home with nothing, she just interviewed/verified us if our kids were eligible to apply for ITIN. After knowing that our kids were eligible she told us what to do and what to prepare and to make the story shorter,  we didn’t able to file our application today.


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