Wall of Fame

I’ve been staying at home for like 5 months now and my boredome is leading me to a lot of things that I can’t even keep up with it anymore! So many ideas…I have all the time in the world but lack of resources. First thing I am trying to accomplish aside from keeping our HOME clean all the time, is to get my self back into  blogging. I am no longer working and no more income so I am atleast trying to get something from what I do even if it’s not necessarily MONEY. Free stuff for my kids and my kitchen are fine, atleast I don’t have to buy. Second it to finish my lawn landscape. I started with my backyard and I am almost done with it. I need to do it little by little depending on the budget I am crunching with the grocery allowance hubby is giving me.  Third is my DIY projects for our house. I did so many already since January and I can’t get enough with it. It’s the only thing I could do to help my husband. I’ve been buying from garage sales and applying some make over and viola, I have the things I wanted for out house instead of bugging him to buy it for me. (lol) Last but definitely not the least is my other hobbies such as crocheting, painting and  decorating the house. One of the decor I’ve been working on are our pictures. I want pictures all over our house like a painting gallery. Here’s what I’ve recently accomplished and counting— I am calling it WALL OF FAME!

10377877_634959426595664_478939195_oPhotos of my kids  from Gymnastics, Cheering,  Dancing, some awards and other exposures.

 Academic accomplishments are posted in their rooms.


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