Walmart To Go in Bentonville

Walmart To Go, a convenient store and gas station concept in Bentontonville opened last March 18. Husband usually goes to Kum n Go Gas station to buy gas but when this store opens, husband decided to see if its cheaper and it is. I went inside while hubby is pumping gas and look around. Like any other convenient store I guess there is no difference with what they are offering. Basic necessities, foods, drinks, toiletries and more. I am not sure with the price though. Maybe they are cheaper coz they are known for that.

They are so many close store in where we live now and it’s getting more convenient now but sometimes you still prefer to shop where you’re comfortable. Like I do even if there’s close Neighborhood Market in our place, I still chose to go to Walmart Super Center in Walton. There is going to be another Neighborhood on going along 14th street and is very close to us so yeah, I will not mind getting back to store when I forgot some recipe even if it’s in the middle of the night! ­čÖé


(husband pumping gas)

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