We Love Movies!

Can you believe we don’t have a television at home? We’re two months in here already and we can survive without it. Good thing we have two computers in the house, one is dad’s and one is mine. Whenever he’s in the office, his laptop were used by the kids. I am blogging while they are watching or sometimes were all watching movies together online or in DVD of the computer and were alive! Husband and I love to watch movies so we are not surprised why our kids were so addicted in movies too! Back in our country, I am actually not watching television or teledrama, I am just watching in my computer. We were just wishing we have bigger screen and louder speaker coz husband and I have this hearing problem especially when the movie were watching doesn’t have a subtitle. Buying a television is actually one of our plan but not yet this time since we thought we don’t need it anyway. We were thinking if we can use a samsung projector instead just to have a big screen from the computer and buy a speaker. What do you think?

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  1. I think it’s good that you have no TV, as you are able to regulate what your kids watch with the DVDs you view on the computer. And I see that this has been a fun bonding activity among yourselves. sure, go ahead and get that Samsung projector :). It’s going to make your movie viewing even more fun.

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