Goodbye 2011, Welcome 2012!

Good morning everyone!! So whatcha doin with your last 2011 day?

I am participating at Kaye’s commenting game but it seems like someone wants to win it so badly like I do 😛 Oh well let’s see if I can able to catch her coz later we will be the one celebrating our New Year here and we will be partying til morning!

This is my family’s first NEW YEAR celebration here so we will savor it even there’s mo fireworks like what we used to do in the Philippines. My kids will surely enjoy just playing with their friends.

I am gonna cook shrimp later, we will be having FRENCH CUISINE tonight and seafood was assigned to me but since I am not that good in cooking I chose the easiest one, SHRIMP in MAYO, nothing fancy eh.

But before that we will attend mass at 5PM and will head back home or maybe go straight to our friends’ house where we will have our party!

Oh WOW I feel like EXCITED today, I dunno why…I feel POSITIVE VIBES! I feel like 2012 is gonna be an awesome one for us!

May WE ALL HAVE A PROSPEROUS New Year! Let’s take away all the sorrows, negative attitude and hatred! LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH 2012!!!!!


1 thought on “Goodbye 2011, Welcome 2012!”

  1. lol, what is that picture for? can i borrow it> is that a 4D glasses? lol. i’ve seen that everywhere in your FB, lol. LIKE IT. HEHE
    congrats btw, sa pagpasok ng 2012.. positive, positive and think positive!

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