What is a Window Valance?

Do you know what window valances are? Window valances are a form of window treatment that covers the uppermost part of windows. They are normally used not only as accent pieces but also to hide drapery hardware. Typically, you will see such in mansions or large Victorian houses. For what purpose do windows need valances and why do people these days resort to using them? A Window Valance gives a house a dash of elegance and dignity. You can basically transform a boring window with blinds into something a tad more sophisticated by adding a valance above it. One more thing, window valances can give a house a more cozy and homey ambiance.

Surely you want your home to reflect your personality and speak volumes about you. A window valance can do just that. It can add life and spunk to your house. It can also give each room in your house its own unique personality that come together as a whole and make your house warm, exciting and praise-worthy. You may do well to browse the web and look for ideas on how to style a window valance. You may also get design ideas as well as the perfect color scheme to match your house

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