What is happiness all about?

A secret is an interesting concept no matter how you look at it. It consists of hidden information, which must not be known by others, for various reasons.

Imagine you’d be able to discover the recipe for success when it comes to both personal life and career wise. Would you use the knowledge in order to make a change?


Rhonda Byrne has put together all the pieces of this amazing jigsaw. The final result is a publication entitled symbolically, The Secret. The first step of the way is to read and understand how certain factors can influence everyday life. Afterwards, when the information has been processed, one should start applying these principles and of course, witness the changes as they occur. Everyone desires a successful career but few of us actually try their very best to achieve this. Believe it can be done and act accordingly. As soon as this chapter is settled, personal life can easily develop in a positive manner.

The author aims to bring happiness to readers and help them accomplish everything they wish for. Health is the most important, as nothing can be done without it. A blooming career will ensure the financial part. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your special someone is waiting for you to come home? The Secret can also be used to deal with such matters.

Byrne’s book has been very well received by the public and people who have read it admit changing their perspectives.


Deciding to start a family is an important step and therefore one needs to be sure about it. Each of us has a soul mate somewhere on this planet. Finding him/her is up to us, that’s our quest.

Becoming a parent will bring along responsibilities and of course, life lasting love. Choosing the best name for the new family member could turn out to be the trickiest part.

The Penguin Book of Baby Names provides parents with the complete guide, containing suggestions and advice. Editor, illustrator and author of this book, David Pickering has also included lists with the top ten names through the centuries and the most popular celebrity choices.


Both publications can be downloaded in ebook format from websites such as Skoob.com. Instead of carrying the actual book, why not read it on your favorite gadget, wherever you go? 

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