What Job Fits Me?

Looking for a job isn’t always that easy. You can’t just take a job because for a very simple reason you need it. Finding a job has a lot to consider to make it last. I have seen jobs available posted over the net but I am having a hard time picking one. ¬†There’s managerial positions, office positions, hotel personnel and so many more! None of them seem not suitable to my personality. I also received an invitation to become as one of the ¬†enrolled agents and become an IRS employee but I didn’t pursue. I don’t think that fits my personality even they said the salary is good. I really want a job that I will love like a Teacher or anything related with children and teaching. Forget about the salary! I know teachers have such low salary but who cares that is what I really want and I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy it! That’s the first basis how to get a job, choose that one that you love! On the other hand I also wanna become a store associate and then become a manager in the store I want to work soon. I am just wishing I could get in and pass their criteria. Looking forward on having a job that fits my personality!

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