What to do This Chrismas

                It’s gonna be our first christmas this year that were away from our relatives, it’s only gonna be me, my husband and my kids. It’s kinda lonely coz it’s really different when you are with your love ones especially back in the Philippines. Christmas Celebration there was very lively and happy. I will be missing the kids singing christmas carols infront of your house and you are going to give them some coins after. I will also miss shopping and wrapping Christmas gifts for my goddaughters and sons. I will miss the different kinds of foods being prepared during noche buena. There are lots of things to be missed in our country. But we can’t do anything about it anymore since we are here, we just have to make our christmas happy even not same as the old ways. Our Filipino friends here were planning to go somewhere this christmas. I am not certain yet coz either my husband and I doesn’t have a plan yet. I was thinking of visiting California and stay with my relatives there or going somewhere you can feel the Christmas like   Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland itself. I wish we could go there but not sure about the budget yet. If not this year, maybe next year, if God permitted.

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