Managing Family Finances

In a family, there’s always one among the couples managing their finances or the so common term ‘budget’. In us couple, it’s my husband who’s been doing that ever since we got married.  Most of our close friends knows that and they found it weird. I am sure we are not the only couple who have this kind of set up, I just can’t find any yet.

My husband is better than me in terms of managing our finances, sometimes I am so irritated how he manage finances and sometimes I am calling him tightwad for he will not buy anything unless it’s important, but ofcourse if I have come to think of it, he’s better that way. Atleast one of us knows how to control our outgoing expenses. I  must admit I am always the one who has no control of buying things and maybe that’s why God had given him to me. So you would know he is more like one of the tax accountants NY everybody needs. He sees everything both incoming and outgoing every single penny. And that’s one thing I have learned from him, to control (not fully applied but still trying) my shopping addiction. But just to be fair I am not buying anything for myself but more on for my kids which is also not good coz kids can get used to that and that would be a future problem.

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