Why Grow Up so Fast?

 I am growing this”  Elisha said to us during dinner while holding her chest. The daddy replied “Yes ofcourse coz you’re getting bigger.”

At first I thought they were talking about the clothes she’s wearing so I continue eating and let the daddy handle the conversation. When I finished my meal, I sat back to the dining table to join the conversation. Elisha repeated what she said to her dad to inform me while squeezing her chest this time so I said again with confusion, “wait what, what is growing?” She pointed her chest but I am not really sure so I ask again, “your shirt?” My daughter don’t wanna say it so the daddy said “her boobs” with soft and feeling awkward voice. I wanted to laugh but I know  I’m not supposed to laugh when our kids are opening up so I  paused for a while, put myself together then told her, “You know my breast started to develop when I was in fourth grade, so you’ll probably have yours at the same age when I had it so you have to be ready. Take care of yourself and start acting like a big girl“.

She just nod at us and it seemed like she’s ready for all of the changes that’s going to happen to her body very soon! (She have no idea!) Gosh! Yearly, our conversation is getting intensed. My husband and I are really getting scared everytime our daughter talks about these kind of stuff. We are not ready yet, we are actually just starting to plan what we are going to say about puberty and stuff but she keeps on popping the topic first! She’s always putting us on the spot and we are almost running out of explanations! Why grow up so fast? That’s what my husband and I always asking ourselves about our kids.

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