Wishing for a Long Christmas Vacation

My husband is wishing he had a longer vacation this Christmas. We would love to spend our time somewhere we could relax and enjoy the holiday.

I have so many places in mind that I wanted to see and visit such as Disneyland or even any resort nearby. My friend mentioned to me in passing that she was thinking of taking a vacation to Cape Cod. She was looking on the internet at a Cape Cod vacation rental to plan her trip.  She even suggested that we take the trip together! I got so excited, browsing the beautiful rental houses. I was trying to find the perfect one for my family. But then I came back to reality. Right now, sadly we cannot take a vacation. Like I said, my husband is not yet entitled for a vacation leave so he only has the Thanksgiving holiday off and the weekends. So a trip to beautiful Cape Cod is not in the cards for us. However…maybe in the future!

So I guess we will end up celebrating at home or with some close friends here in Arkansas. Although, we do miss our country where you can fully have a vacation during Christmas and New Year. Aside from that, we will miss the fun with our friends and relatives during the occasion. There are plenty of activities to do during the holiday season. So if we can’t take a vacation, it’s okay. My kids love the holidays though. And I am sure they want to see snow during their holiday vacation. I love to sing Christmas carols at night and I love to exchange gifts with the family. So it might feel a bit weird to be sitting on the beach, when we should be making snowmen! It is always nice to celebrate Christmas and New Year in the Philippines and that is very much missed by all of the Pinoys here. Unfortunately we have no choice but try to make our holidays happy here.  Anyway, it’s actually our first Christmas here! So this is a brand new experience for us and another milestone for the kids. Besides were all together, we all have one another so cheers to that! 

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