Family Time #30 One Warm Sunday Afternoon

My kids had so much activities this month. They had so much fun last Thursday – Literacy night and Friday  – Tail gate in Thomas Jefferson. Ethan was able to participate so he had fun too and we were all tired with these activities! To get some rest we didn’t go out last Saturday, we were supposed to attend a party but the daddy was not feeling well so I said he as to take his rest. Sunday before we go to Walmart, the daddy decided to bring the kids to the park since the weather is great and the kids need to loose some energy for being stuck at home the whole Saturday.

We visited Martin Luther park but moved to Dave Peel after few minutes…

We bought some snacks before we play for we are so hungry …

Then the kids started to play, daddy played with Ishi – tag me

while Ethan managed to play with other kids in that park and pretend to have a burger store – the stones are their burgers! What a brilliant idea!

Look at my little angels helping each other…such a sweet sight!

Hope you share your simple family time with us here. Have a Blessed MONDAY!

4 thoughts on “Family Time #30 One Warm Sunday Afternoon”

  1. i’ll prepare mine later..will join sis..
    what a great bonding moment.. sponsor ba to ng coca cola? na miss ko talaga coke, ang tagal ko ng walang coke.. 🙂

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